small world sailing

Finally Here!

25.04.51N 77.19.00W

God it’s hot! Mid thirty’s today, I had one to many beers last night and am suffering with the heat, hangover and jet lag! not a nice combination.

The flight was a nightmare,¬†wilfully¬†eroding my own liberties at miami handing over finger prints and head photo’s and it was only a connecting flight!

Anyhoo, the sails are now on order, I crept out from the shade for short intervals to measure up and have just bought some internet to send them off.

The boats filthy and full of bits and pieces of the previous owner, I’ve thrown out 3 binbags full so far, I had to drop acid down the loo and hose down the bathroom it was rank!

Off to buy new batteries tomorrow, how exciting! Looks like we’re going to have to head across to florida before we head back as the Chandlerys are rubbish here and I need a liferaft and flares, hoping to go out for a quick sail on friday to see what falls off and what needs doing but I’ll be happy if I can just get it clean.

Another reason to go to America is food, we’ll need quite a lot of it and it’s incredibly expensive here, $3.60 for a loaf! crazy.

Anyhoo, internets coming to a close so will sign off, let you know how we get on on friday.


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