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So you think the Bahamas is Paradise hey? And who could argue with you, today I saw a sign in town advertising the best cheese burger in Paradise so it must be?!?

But today the bilge pump deposited it’s rather dubious contents over me and it rained this morning, it was so humid I’ve been constantly soaked in sweat all day.

Here’s the boat at dock, the big canvas takes the sun off and keeps it a bit cooler, it’s coming on but I need some stuff I can’t get here, so I’m going to have to get it shipped in from the states and I don’t know how much of a problem thats going to be. The apathy here is truly irritating. No body has what you want and no body cares.


I’m desperate to get out of here, I hear the Exhumas are stunning including swimming pigs, iguana and of course the set to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. But I need these things and I can’t get them and it’s bringing me down.

I know a lot of you thought this was going to be a two month long holiday. I was never in any doubt that there was going to be some work to do and that it wouldn’t all be fun and don’t get me wrong I don’t what to be at home, well not all the time. But things are unnecessarily hard here.

Don’t worry though, I’ve still got a couple of weeks before the sails turn up, I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to go and see the Bahamas for real or whether I’ll be stuck here trying to get the boat finished but either way, it’s the experience I’ve been looking for.

L x.

May 11, 2007 at 03:07
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