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Still Blowin

Still Blowing! F5/6 for over a week now. Hugh, my neighbour, said it had snowed in Denver yesterday and had been hotter in Chicago than in Miami, crazy weather. A couple of fronts heading out of the US are hitting a ridge running from here right through the north Atlantic passed Bermuda causing some really weird unseasonable weather.

I was listening to Herb on the Shortwave Radio last night, he’s a retired meteorologist out of Vancouver. You check in with your yacht and he directs you across the Atlantic weather wise. We lost his communication before he got down to us but it sounded pretty blowy this side of the ridge.

So I’m still sat in Nassau Yacht haven beginning to twiddle my thumbs a bit, it’s not even hot at only 26degC, again I have my jeans on.

Going to go and have a chat with Nick for an hour on his 53ft Steel Yacht, lovely boat and a really good guy.

We hope that today will be the last day and that the weather front will move north overnight giving us fair breeze to head east to Florida.

I don’t mind really, I only realized we had another week of May yesterday as I have lost all track of time, often listening to the Radio news to find out what day it is!

Speak to you again when I have news, going to pick up a sight seeing guide and find something to do, perhaps have a holiday!



PS. If i’m not responding to your emails, it’s cause they are getting lost in the ether, I’ve had a couple go astray now, but hey, that’s the Bahamas, everything only almost works!

May 25, 2007 at 17:22
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