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Sails Are Here

25.04.51N 77.19.00W

It took two days to fly the new sails from Hong Kong, half way round the world to Nassau. It took 4 days to get the sails from the airport, 10 miles to my boat. God Damb Bahamian useless lazy good for nothing B%^&*”ds.

Anyhoo, they’re here now and they’re great.

So tomorrow I get to go up the mast again and secure the antenna to my SSB and to fix a small problem with the Furling gear for the head sail before I hang the new one.

Other news includes the little generator I got for power and some other boring stuff involving me climbing over the engine again and getting very sweaty. But all is well and working out, we’re definatly getting there.

I hope to be off the latter part of this week, I’m going to head out to one of the islands for a mini sail with the new sails and also to check out the battery situation etc. I’ll spend a day at anchor and have a swim and a Holiday from all this work I’ve been doing. Then I’ll head off at 60deg for the Azores.

There is one slight fly in the ointment, theres little or no wind and there hasn’t been for some days now. In fact there’s been consistently less than 10knts since I got back from the US. Need wind to sail.

So today as a result with the Aircon running flat out I managed to keep the temp inside the boat down to a manageable 30C. I’ve no idea how hot it was outside but I did have to walk across town to pick up some parts and I had to shower this evening, even I couldn’t stand the smell of myself.

A weather change is in order. At least I’m (almost) finally ready to go. And I’m looking forward to sitting on the anchor for a day or two and sleeping before a 20 day crossing without a proper nights sleep. Less apprehensive now though, just want to get going.


June 12, 2007 at 04:33
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