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Transpires Speedo Man is called Nick and he’s a plumber from Bournemouth!
Well, he left the UK 15yrs ago and has been working in the middle east since
as a contracts manager. He has a 26ft steel hulled boat called ‘Joy’ which
was built in Russia and sailed to the US 20yrs ago, interesting history.

Nicks sailed her throughout the Bahamas and central America for a few years
now. What a small world.

Last night was so hot, eventually I discovered that the Saloon bunk cushion
fits neatly across the cockpit affording me an open air bunk! With the
canvas up it’s just like camping.

Anyway, I’m still in Allen’s Cay I wanted to leave honest I did but it was
dam hot today with little breeze so I just sat and read (Mark Lynas ‘Six
Degrees’ buy it, read it and change your life!) Went for a swim and a
Snorkel. As I write I have just finished a delishious Steak and eggs with
red peppers and tomatoes all cooked on the BBQ, yes, with a little cunning
and some tin foil you too can cook eggs on the BBQ. Dinner was almost a
disaster when my value pack of mixed herbs went over the side ;o) an early
evening swim was in order anyway.

Tomorrow, tomorrow I will head for Normans Cay, winds supposed to blow
Tuesday so want to be on the east side of the Cay to miss the worst of it.

All’s Well


June 25, 2007 at 03:02
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