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Staniel Cay

N24.11.58 W76.27.22

Disaster! I’m out of Bug spray! Little buggers are everywhere, particularly the flys which I hate.

Today I left Cambridge Cay and the company of Brain and Diane who have been very good to me showing me all the nice Coral dives. A slow motor south against the wind has led me finally to Staniel Cay. Unfortunately I got here on a full ebb and was unable to motor against the surprisingly strong current to the Cay proper so for tonight I’m anchored off ‘Little Majors Spot’ a small island just north of the Cay. My ‘Parking’ has been quite precise, after an hour the keel started to bottom out, just nudging the sand every now and again, fortunately the tide is now flooding and where on the up and up.

Tomorrow I will motor the mile or so round to the ‘Thunderball Grotto’ and anchor there just off the Cay, they have bins here which is a blessing as I need to get this rubbish off the boat, it’s beginning to hum! No wonder theres flys.

The night before last at Cambridge, one of those beautiful lightning storms happened again only this time it happened right over the Cay. Not so nice when your in the middle of it all with incredible winds and swell, thunder that was vibrating the boat. It rained very hard and because of the wind I had to take the canvas down, as a result I was very wet so I got my shampoo and had a shower….nice.

The weather today has been lovely, though as the summer wears on the heat keeps rising, it’s now 7 in the evening and still 30C. I don’t notice so much now except for when there’s no breeze and you just sweat uncontrollably.

Let you all know how I get on with the swimming pigs.


July 5, 2007 at 01:59
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