small world sailing

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Day 03

N27.08.03 W073.16.32

Heading 080T Wind N F5-6

Saw my fisrt ship today, scotish lady captain radio’d over to say hi. Was nice.

Huge seas and winds in the north, I need to do some northing soon, heading ENE at the mo.

settling into a rytham, my most important peices of equipment have turned out to be my egg timer and my Hydrovane self steer, without either of these, life would be unbearable.

Sleeping well, quickly and often, reading and generally ok. Life is for the most part idill puntuacted my moments of extream atheletasium. I never knew you could break sweat by going for a pee!

Have been close hauled now for 36hrs and it’s a bit much, the boat healing as they do in such circumstances to 20 or 30deg. pitching and rolling on these huge seas. Occasionally one of these waves will break on the side of the hull, spraying everthing and everyone on board.

Clocked 133miles yesturday though which is good good good, just not quite in the right direction, well, you can’t have everything.


May 14, 2008 at 20:12
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