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Day 04

N27.24.29 W071.29.74

Heading 060T Wind N light and variable

I had some Romantic preconseptions about what this would be like, one was the thought of healthy breezes off the quater pushing inexorably on toward my destination, cold beer in one hand, hearty hot meal in the other.

Two, the battle with adversity, howling gales, reefed down canvas and spray everywhere, a search for survival. Kevin will know how much this excites me and by default scares him!

The reality is more mundane, certainly there have been high winds and high seas, but the boat drifts over these mountainous waves as they undulate beneath me, changing my horizon from near to far about every 15 seconds. This is more uncomfortable than anything and the effort involved in the most trival task is rather embarising. Further more, Half Price has consistantly thrown an assortment of heavy and sharp objects at my feet, however, they remain stubornly in one peice, well, two peices actually, with only a slight graze to my left big toe. So life goes on, I might even have a shave later.

Hot meals are not in short supply, however they are served, now, in tupperware rather than plates and bottles of drink rather than mugs. The coffee down the wash board and sugar puffs over the cockpit sole can testify to a lesson hard learnt here.

More pressing matters currently include; How the hell has everything I own now got a fine dusting of dry salt on it? inside and out! everytime I lick my lips I take 10yrs of my life. When will there be enough sun to at least warm the water in my solar shower, my bonce is a cross somewhere between an Afro and Dreadlocks, if I don’t get some soapy water through my hair soon it’s going to have to all come off and I don’t look good with a crew cut.

I’ve made some good millage this last two days, 133nm and 123nm, however, my actual (as the crow flys) average is currently 95 miles a day. This is not, in my mind, bad going and I think this average will improve, particularly toward the end of the week when strong SE winds are predicted.

Of course, if I was Jesus I could walk home quicker, but then I’d have to pretend to like lepers.

All’s well on the good ship ‘half price’

By the way, those of you used to recieving email from me that has had a spell check performed on it (not a facitlity I have here) may be shocked to find that in actual fact I spell like a 2yr old. Anyone with time on their hands who would like to save me from this embarisment can email for login details and correct acordingly ;o)

As you where.

May 15, 2008 at 20:48
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