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N29.19.76 W069.10.93
Wind SW Heading050T 
Supprisingly good news, 95miles covered yesturday, better than expected. My milage is noon to noon Zulu so I did have all of last night to make up some of the difference.
Toyed with the idea of taking down my GooseWing arrangement which involves a bit of deck work that I didn’t fancy having to do in the dark. The problem with this sail plan is, once the wind picks up a bit the boat tends to yaw so much so that the helm can’t keep track, this is due to the fact that the sails are uneven in size and one is set forward of the other. Imagine trying to push a supermarket trolley with only your left hand and you get an idea of the issue. In the end I decided to leave it all in place and was not disapointed. This morning we were running at 5-6kts at one point as we surfed down the wave I clocked 8.9kts and whats more, more or less, we’re heading in the right direction so all speed is good speed.
Wouldn’t it be awful if you had those voices on your GPS like you do in Car SatNav’s, unless you could get the novelty voices like John Cleese or Billy Conerlly ‘Och noo, your supose to be doing 60deg, not 30 you stupid Ba%#$%d!’  Imagine leaving the Bahamas and having some mundane womans voice with imperfect inflecion announce ‘In 3900miles, arrive at destination’ good greiff.
Begining to pick up bits of Bermuda Radio which is encouraging. Sun is shinning and all is well. Last night once the wind returned there was much rejoicing culminating in an impressive air guitar performane to Green Day. Today has seen some fabulas sailing and will reach Bermuda only a day later than expected, this is to the good though as that means I’ll only be one day ahead of the pack leaving on the ARC europe rally, it’ll be nice to have company. 
Peace out!
May 17, 2008 at 20:50
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