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Day 09

N32.09.10 W062.52.65

Heading 050T Winds SW 10kts or less

Great news everyone, Eleanor has agreed to login and be my english teacher and spell all my words right, yay!

So wiulsgrehg; ai ;acn ah; aighn hag;lds n ha;fh oa;jrmcghplfm HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Today has been a bit of a downer, the hardest day yet, very poor wind, overcast and drizzled much of the day. Still waiting expectantly for the heavy blow promised over the next two days but we’ll see. Will have a listen to Herb again in an hour and see what he says. Everything is wet, including me, it hangs in the air and soaks through everything even when it’s not raining, it’s most depressing. It’s been cold today too, a very chilly 22C which I can’t say I like either.

So, not to worry about such things and with no concern for the fact that I’m in the middle of an ocean, I cooked myself a nice cheese pasta with mixed green beans and baby clams! UMMMMMM bet some of you don’t eat that good at home do you?

I have the most respect for anyone who can navigate in the traditional mannor. I’ve passed Bermuda within 25miles and I couldn’t tell you it was there, other than I know it is cause the GPS says so.
Further, theres been complete cloud cover last night and today so no sights could have been taken even if I had/ new how to use a Sexton.

My fall back plan in the event that all three of my GPS and both laptops fail (well, they are windows) is to go by dead reakoning, but I’m supprised how much difference there is between the track of my boat via the GPS and the compass bearing, sometimes upto 15degs!?

I’m sure I’d hit Europe, probably the UK……..but where?

Today I have my GPS’s and Sat phone, email, blogging, google earth and my electric toothbrush, most of which have been bourne out of necessity and none of which take too much away from what I’m doing out here but there is a peice of me that thinks, god’ I couldn’t do this the old way with a Sexton, Compass and a time peice that doesn’t quite keep time……..I wouldn’t.

There are plenty of people long since dead that will always be more clever and braver than I’ll ever hope to be and I don’t just mean columbas and the like, I mean all the Clipper captains and early Streamers, building the blocks of a capatalist and global socity that today we take so much for granted. Mad when you think about it.

shine on, you crazy diamonds

May 20, 2008 at 20:03
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