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Day 19

N38.56.58 W044.25.00
Wind F7 Gusts Gale force Heading 070T
Oh’ Blessed are the Angles of mercy, I bring you deep prolific joy and wonderous tidings.
141 Nautical Miles were logged for yesturday.
MilkyBars are on me!
Not only clearing the 120nm average but smashing my previous best and in the right direction too! Could it have been better I ask you? Well, I’ll tell you, actually yes, I could have easily cleared the 6kt average of 144nm but the wind moderated in the night and as has become habit, I didn’t spill more canvas till dawn. Safer that way. Don’t like deck work in the dark, that and the lazyness I think.
Of course, that was this morning, this afternoon we took a kicking again, near gale force and, as has become custom, raining. Running with two reefs in the main and no foresail. Slows me down this damd heavy weather. Seems to be moderating now though so might get back on track this evening.
Flores is now a mere 603nm away and Horta 24hrs beyond that.
Looks like a bit of calm weather might interupt proceedings between here and there, then again, gale force winds were not predicted today so who knows, who cares, lets just get where we’re going.
May 30, 2008 at 18:01
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