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N47.20.47 W011.32.40

Heading 100T Wind Gale

Tough day at the office dear?

Had a good sleep last night but was up at 0400, the wind had moderated enough to have a little sail up. Had the strangest feeling as I put my gear on, like I was getting ready for work! Sure enough it’s been a hard slog.

When I got out on deck the Hydrovanes ‘vane’ looked a bit wobbly broke and sure enough it’d ripped the tubing around a rivet. With a couple of screws, a jubilee clip, some cunning and the teak trim from around the fridge I was able to patch it up. Hopfully it’ll hold, if not, theres plenty more trim left ;o)

I think, looking at yesturdays chart, I have passed through the eye of this depresion as have managed to sail from 0400 till 1400, albeit very windy F6 plus gusts. Made good progress though. Then after two, things picked up again to F6-7 plus gusts, It seemed silly to risk the Canvas, or indeed the Rig, so dropped the sail and am running again just south of east. Have improvised a ‘sea anchor’ out of one of my empty 5gallon water jugs (like you get in offices) and a length of chain, cutting the bottom out of the jug and passing the chain through it to create a bucket with a hole in it. Reduced my speed and the Hydrovane can now keep up holding the stern to the wind. It’s more windy than the last one. I’ve got sustained 35kts and higher gusts. IF I ever cross an ocean again a sea anchor will be top of the wish list.

Well, what can I say, I’m a vetran gale sailor in just less than a week. Wonder if this leg will have any good sailing in it at all? Look out for crap conditions in Blighty over the next few days, trust me, it aint gona be nice.

July 4, 2008 at 18:18
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