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N48.18.25 W007.40.23

Wind F5-7 Heading 060T

Hard days sailing, wind has been consistantly F5-7 Very gusty and I’ve been sailing under 3reefs and some or none headsail depending on how it’s been going.

But that’s not been the big issue, the big issue has been the sea as I’ve approached the Banks. The Atlantic approaches our continental shelf and is greeted by a 3800m cliff face. The sea floor goes from 4000 to 200m in a matter of miles and the sea gets a bit choppy just then, specially it would seem if theres a near Gale blowing.

I had on one occasion, one wave break over the port bow and one over the starbord quarter simultaniously, quite mad. I’ve been thrown about the cabin all day, swinging around it like a monkey in a cage. At one point whilst sitting I was up’d and over the sallon table so quick I didn’t have time to think.

Not Nice.

Presently though I’m running downwind at about 6kts and the sea has settled. The sun has come out for the first time today just in time for it to set. Making very good progress and long may it continue.

I’m wondering if I might go to Poole town quay instead as currently it looks like I might make the needles channel just in time for dusk on Tuesday, typical! But I’ll keep this under revision and see what happens on the day.

Not long now, starting to feel a little excited ;o)


July 6, 2008 at 18:12
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