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Day 41

N49.26.73 W004.58.42

Heading 060T Wind, westerly F4-5 (lovely)

Strange feelings again today, Looking forward to making my final destination but at the same time sad it’s nearly all over. After all the Highs and Lows and particularly over the past week you’d think I just wanted to get off this dam boat, and to a degree you’d be right, I stink and I’d really love a plate of Steak&Kidney Pie and Chips……..and a Mars Bar, but by an equally simular token, particularly today where the sailing has been good, I’d really like to keep going.

I’m not going to of course, I’m going to stop and wash this salt out of my hair and stop my feet stinking of wet dogs and diesel, I haven’t took them out of my boots since the last time, rank! But of course I would do it again, I’d do it again tomorrow, well, after a bit of sleep. Not always been enjoyable and certainly sometimes been a bit of a handful but taken as a whole, let me at it again! I wouldn’t do it the same, I’ve learnt a lot, but I would do it, course I would. Maybe next time, having now sattified my desire to do it solo, I’d let one of you lucky folks come too. Form an orderly Q wont you ;o)

I don’t believe this feeling is uncomon in Oceans sailors, I saw a documentory on the first round the world race, in which Knox Jonsen won, and two of the competitors of that carried on going instead of crossing the finishing line. One other wrote some wierd stuff about Aliens in his logbook and promtly vanished, Donald somebody, they found his boat, and his logbook, floating off the Carribean some months later.

Anywayz, on that happy note, with a bit of luck I’ll make Lymington before dark, might have to do a bit of motor sailing to get there in time. Stats to follow.


July 7, 2008 at 18:05
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