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Back On Track

I’ve been somewhat remiss in upkeep of my site and posts these last two years, it’s been a busy time and not always in a good way. Progress on Pas Seul has taken a back seat but, we’re back! Some stuff has been done and there’s a big push now with a view to getting her into the water late Sept. For an up to date list of photo’s, see here

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Beken’s Archive arrives!


After many months I now have all the photo’s from Beken’s of Cowes showing PasSeuls early racing career in 63-65 as well as some cruising shots in the Solent from 95. Beautiful shots and very pleased.

See them here.

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Bow Thruster Again!


So, Hayling Island Yacht Company strikes again! Turns out the bow thruster tube was installed too high, in fact, it was almost at the waterline!

Refitted now here and here

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Greece 2012


Just had a great week sailing round Greece with friends. The geeks, despite everything, are possibly the most friendly people I’ve ever met.

See here

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Pas Seul Bulkheads


More work being done on Pas-Seul. Bulkheads are going in, things are really starting to come on.

See here

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Trip to the Med


Off to see Jo and Liz on board Nimrod tomorrow in Gibraltar. A trip to Ibiza is on the cards, looking forward to it.

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Lloyds Register


Here at the Lloyds register of shipping, I’ve been looking through the archives and found Pas Seul registered from 1963 in the second supplement all the way through to 1980 when the register stopped. Great fun, a fantastic archive and the archivist, Anne, has been a great help. See what I found here


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New Pics


New pictures in the Gallery from my Yachtmaster exam week.

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Pas Seul makes the press!


Here is a link to a great article published in Sailing Today this March.

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So, last night we came back to Hamble after a very intense 24hrs to news from our examiner that 3 of us had Passed!

This despite the fact that weirdly, he hadn’t asked us to do anything we’d practised all week. For me this included sailing onto a pontoon! Scary stuff but dispute having my heart in my mouth I managed to keep a calm exterior and pulled it off inch perfect.

Very pleased with my performance, a good pass!

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